Benefits of Timber Frame

With the increasing demand for timber frame due to the magnitude of advantages from the costs to environmental benefits. It is no wonder that 70% of homes that are built in the developed world are now timber frame.

With the diverse applications not just covering homes but also hotels, leisure facilities, commercial units and so on it is now becoming the widely spread choice of construction. We are very proud to be a contributing to modern methods of construction and would like to share in detail the benefits.

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It’s Quick

Timber frame can be pre-constructed off-site, saving you time, money and energy. The more time spent off site, the cheaper the build, as labour and machinery costs are reduced. Plus, adverse weather conditions which would otherwise increase your build time or even halt work altogether are avoided as not only is the majority of work carried out inside a factory, timber frame buildings can be erected in much lower temperatures than traditional masonry builds. The nature of off-site construction creates a much safer working environment, reducing many of the hazards workers often face on a building site. Additionally, the speed of timber frame erection means labourers working on interior elements can commence work quicker reducing the time frame of your build and therefore reducing overall costs.


Offsite manufacture allows for a precisely fabricated product to be produced in a controlled environment, following strict quality management systems. With strict guidelines to follow from design to installation, you can be assured of a quality construction.

It’s Natural

Working with a natural material such as timber has multiple advantages. Not only will it give a natural feel to your build but features such as its non-toxicity makes it a safer material to work with. Plus, with timber being a ‘lock-in’ for C02, timber frame builds are a more environmentally friendly option in the fight against global warming.

It’s Sustainable

Our world needs us to use natural resources to build with, after all, people have been using timber for thousands of years. Traditional masonry builds tend to rely upon the use of raw materials which deplete non-renewable resources whereas timber is a totally renewable material available world wide.

It’s Energy Efficient

A well insulated home uses less energy and is therefore cheaper to run. As a natural insulator, timber is a great, cost effective choice for an energy efficient building. Timber allows more space for insulation, significantly minimising the energy required to heat and cool your building and consequently reducing the need for fossil fuels.

It’s Versatile

There are no design limits with a timber frame building. The variety of possibilities enables you to work with your environment to make the best out of your build. The scope for design is much greater and timber frame builds can often be erected on ground not necessarily suitable for more traditional means of construction.

It’s Durable

Timber frame has highly durable properties meaning builds are easier and cheaper to maintain overtime. Strength wise, precision engineering allows for timber to far outperform more traditional means of masonry building, whilst retaining its lightweight and malleable properties.

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